Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Abstract Art with Jane Davies

A couple weeks ago, a group of art friends got together and made abstract landscapes Jane Davies-style.  I love the collaged texture of my graffiti wall and layers of paint and paper.  I've followed Jane's blog "Collage Journeys" for several years.  She owns and operates the post office in Rupert VT.  She wants to keep her small town post office open and sent out a request for post cards mailed to her to increase her mail volume.  She's received over eight hundred postcards to date and you can check them out HERE.

I created several postcards like the one above for an art group swap.

The one I sent to Jane included ink lines.  It makes it look more like a map.

The first two hundred who mailed her a postcard received one in return.  Thank you, Jane, for this gorgeous red postcard.

I've had her book, Collage Journeys,  for some time.  I got it out the other day and reread it.  It's chock full of ideas to personalize artwork with painted papers, layers of ephemera, decorated paper and paint.  The chapter on 'meaning and personal expression' speaks to me and makes me want to become aware of and create my own personal iconography.

You can mail a postcard to Jane Davies, PO Box 45, Rupert VT 05768.   I'm sure she'd appreciate it.  This summer, I'll be taking a workshop from her at the Pacific NW Art School on Whidbey Island and can't wait to meet her and learn more about her abstract painting techniques.