Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spontaneous Haiku with Katie Kendrick

We made a wonderful, little book in Katie Kendrick's Art & Soul workshop called "Spontaneous Haiku". Haiku poetry always speaks to me and I enjoy writing it. The book is bound in kimono silk. I've used haiku to inspire other artwork that you can see Here.

spiders create webs, the garden prepares for fall, faded colors bloom

walks every day lead, into forest trees, sunlight rays shine bright

the moon glows at night, against dark blue sky & stars, heaven opens up


Gwen said...

I love these, Katie has many on her blog which I looked at first. I loved the face on her blog, and am so pleased to see it is yours, I wondered if it was!

the deer, the foot, the last one, all favorites! What a beautiful book!

lilylovekin said...

Love your book, especially the animal paintings and the last haiku. Didn't you enjoy your class with Katie? You were right about her as an instructor very gentle and kind.

Tory Brokenshire said...

Lovely Paula, I bet it was a fun class, I'm a Haiku fan and the best is when it is in art as you show so nicely.

HeartFire said...

what fun that class must have been, your haikus and soft paintings are lovely!

purple bird art said...

I love these, Paula and haiku are wonderful!

Dayna Collins said...

Katie is such a great teacher and it looks like your art and haikus were a great fit. Thanks for sharing.