Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Taos NM Travel Journal

This month, I traveled to Taos NM for a workshop on "Deepening Your Art Through Daily Practice" with Laurie Doctor. We stayed at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House for a week. What a wonderful experience combining the people, place, landscape, art, spirit, food and history. Here are pages from my travel journal.

I made a file folder journal adding Aches Text Wove paper signatures in the front and back. Before pamphlet stitching the signatures, I covered the binding end with Tyvek. I bound them together to form the book binding and covered them with a strip of fabric.

This is the first page with the left pocket and the signature.

My travel journals include a calendar-

a map-

a spread about Mabel's House-

the solarium where I stayed-

an interest where Native American Pueblo culture meets Western religion-

some of Tony Luhan's wall paintings with thanks to Amy Bogard for the ones in his room-

a spread on our workshop-

Mabel brought many artists to New Mexico including Georgia O'Keeffe-

the food-

the back cover-

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bottled Up Emotions

One day, I was reading Leslie K. Pearson's website and saw her book entitled "Bottled Up Emotions". This book resonated with me and inspired me to create my own version for my calligraphy class Spring term final project.

The back has an EKG reading-

The book contains 55 pages of negative emotions that are hard to express-

Around each word are the antonyms or positive emotions and feelings.

As someone who tends to keep her emotions bottled up, this project was very therapeutic. It's a great tool to turn a negative emotion around and feel more positive. In this crazy world, I've found it very helpful.