Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mixed Media Using Gelli Plate Ghost Prints

Most of the time I cover every inch of a painting with color.  This year, I plan to play with negative space and to leave more white, open space in my artwork.  This piece started with a gelli ghost print using masks to form the vase and flowers.  Then, I drew lines and added paint keeping the white line of the print masks. I want to do a series experimenting with this process.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Calligraphy and Drawing- an exploration

While attending the 2012 NW Calligraphy Conference, I heard Inga Dubay present her experience teaching a course in calligraphy and drawing at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Ever since then, I've wanted to work through her syllabus.  I found a few friends who wanted to do this, too.  The first section features contour drawings. 

My 2014 guiding word for my artwork is synthesis.  I want to integrate what I know, practice and create.  These letters came from my blind contour drawings of the Imperial Latin alphabet.  I copied the word on tracing paper and transferred it to watercolor paper.
I'd like to repaint the piece with darker values so that the letters show more.  That's my comfort zone.  The abstract aspect of the pastel colors adds mystery.  One of my goals is to move from literal interpretation to abstraction.

Above the bold colors stand out.

Above is my attempt to play with my initials.  It needs more contrast in color.  The bright yellow and red dominate the piece.

For this 'W', the blind contour drawing is of the negative space that surrounds the Fraktur capital letter. Do you see the 'W'?  This exploration furthers my interest to combine calligraphy in my artwork.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome to my Garden- Drunk with Love Wonky Quilt Blocks

This week, I received eleven drunk with love wonky quilt blocks, five more are to come. Sixteen of us from the Portland Art Collective participated in the exchange. My garden became the theme and helped in my selection of colors and fabrics. I'm really excited about the numerous possibilities for creating the quilt top, the quilting options, putting it all together. Being that it's my first quilt, I'm open to any suggestions from experienced quilters.