Sunday, July 8, 2007

Portland's Chinese Garden offers peace, quiet and time to reflect on its beauty with ink, watercolor and camera. Bamboo and stone form the yin and yang of this corner. The scholars' garden honors the virtues of integrity, love, health, wealth and longevity.

The sleeping water lily and the waking lotus bloom side by side.

Summer is a wonderful time to visit the garden. I highly recommend taking a tour and contemplating the view.

I printed this mermaid during a Gocco Print class taught by Shu-Ju Wang at the Focus on Book Arts Conference in Forest Grove the end of June. The Japanese orginally created the Gocco as a children's toy. Artists now use it to create books and fine prints. I'll play with it this summer and have more prints to share. Check out Shu-Ju's art at I love her layered prints and paintings.

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brendabrenda said...

Lovely mermaid print. And did you use your Japanese watercolors for your sketches?
I'm glad you got to see so much of Japan. My year is almost up, I've taken so much in, and yet there's still so much more to encounter.
We can always go back...