Monday, September 3, 2007

Art in the Pearl

Art in the Pearl has to be one of my favorite Portland festivals. Three artists really spoke to me this year. I loved the old-world collages by Danielle Desplan as in the above botanical with her tapestry-like, medieval rendering.

Lissa Herschleb displayed two of her sketchbooks which really caught my attention. Her sketches of the organic, morphed shapes of plants and faces with weight and substance are transformed into her mixed media paintings.

Lisa Kaser makes wonderful, whimsical sculptures with wire and handmade felt and wax. She will participate in the Eastside Portland Open Studios in October. I sure want to visit her studio.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Paula, just checking in on you. Your BLOG seems to be a good place to find places to go in Portland that I've never heard of. Some beautiful gardens and sanctuaries within the city. Steve is reading Water for Elephants, i've not asked how it is. Kids are back in school, first day was good. Take Care!