Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Respite from Winter Cold Sketch Date

Inside Jeffrey Allen Home and Garden, we felt the warmth of sunshine in the greenhouse and the hospitality of staff who served us tea while outside it was 25 degrees F. Surrounded by orchids, plants, Asian furniture and accessories, our eyes feasted on the serene beauty and color everywhere. Chinese music calmed the soul.

The ancient Guanyin captured my attention. Anna told us that curators from the De Young Museum come to see the Guanyin statues here. Guanyin is the Chinese goddess of compassion.

This wooden, carved Guanyin came from a cave in China. Her backside shows how she was pried loose from her resting place. Her decayed arms end above the wrist. My sketch attempts to represent her calm beauty.


purple bird art said...

Thanks so much for this post, Paula - I could almost feel the warmth from the greenhouse in my bones and imagine the music in my soul - Jan

Rosie the wildwoman said...

Love the flowers and art. I am going to try and book your class at Art and Soul Portland, Just gotten into felting-wet-needle-nuno....It grabbed me. I also put your blog in my links..... Thanks for the inspiration. Rosie the wildwoman