Friday, April 18, 2008

Persepolis, flower exchange & new sketch

I highly recommend reading Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis I & II her memoir about her childhood in Iran during the revolution and toppling of the Shah's regime, her adolecsence in Vienna, her return to Iran and her life of oppression under a fundamentalist government. She combines her written words with graphic illustrations in a comic strip format with a wonderful sense of humor. Then go see the movie, Persepolis. Her images create a powerful, visual experience. She reminds us about the importance of individual stories and the impact they have to combat stereotypes placed on nations and peoples. It's an incredible human rights story.

On a lighter note, I want to share with you our Camp Runamuckus ArtFest flower bouquet. Our individual creative imaginations never cease to amaze me. Thanks Nikki, Tammy, Suz, Sheba, Stephanie and Enchy for a great swap! Check out Andrew Boloz's blog which details his Puget Sound Adventures and ArtFest experience.
This week, we sketched at Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks. I enjoyed sketching Christy N. Pagal's oil on cotton fruit paintings and a knitted leaf banner. The yarn and roving color selections boggle the mind. Plus, the barista makes a great latte and a foot soaking tub eases those weary feet. I discovered Edina Tien's knitting blog. She shares patterns and ideas to use all that yarn


&rew said...

Paula, I am so in love with that flower bouquet! Thanks for sharing that photo. And I will be coming to Art & Soul this October.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

That yarn shop looks dangerous! Your painting captures the colorful array perfectly. Love the flowers, too.S

Gwen said...

Beautiful!! there was foot soaking in a yarn shop??? AND LATTES!? That sounds too good to be true!

Delorse is trying to start a sketching group up here! I hope that it will be a go...


edina said...

Hi Paula,

Love that Artfest flower bouquet - what a great idea! Thanks for the mention about my knitting blog. Yes, I know I have way too many interests!