Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bonjour après un Voyage Sensationnel en France

Where to begin? I have so much to share with you about my incredible adventure in France that it will come to you in several installments. It started on the northern coast of Brittany in Keraret between Plouguiel and Plougrescant. We stayed on a wonderful farm walking distance to the Jaudy River estuary where the tide rose and fell daily. At low tide, many boats sat in the muddy river bed. The sun shown, the flowers bloomed and the ebb and flow of daily sketch walks slowed time to stop and really see the wonderous sites around us.

The Celtic name for Brittany is Breizh- the abbreviation above is written in Celtic letters. The Triskell symbolizes the three Celtic elements of water, air and fire and turns to the right in the direction of good. The other triangular symbols decorate the Breton flag.
The Jaudy River Estuary seen at high tide.

Les fleurs bloomed profusely- hydrangeas, holly hocks, roses- to name a few.

In Tréguier- the nearest large town, we visited markets and boutiques. Some buildings were built in the 16th Century like the half-timbered one in the center of this sketch.

Another Tréguier street scene.

These sketches I drew at the Eglise Ste Gonéry in Plougrescant. I liked the idea of sketching over collaged pages.

At Eglise Sainte Catherine in the village of La Roche Derrien, the organ music filled the church and carried my pen in joyful directions. To take time each day to see through pen renderings offers a meditative way to view the world around us. In one or two days, another post will continue the journey.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, what a adventure!Thanks for sharing
Steph b

Jo said...

I can hardly wait for more about your wonderful vacation, Paula. I loved the photos and sketchbook pages you posted today, and knowing that you had time to really see with your heart.

Judy Wise said...

Look who's going to town now. Your sketchbooks are wonderful; I had to catch my breath. xo

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Quelle magnifique! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your wonderful experiences. Good to have you back home.