Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Strategist Soul Collage Card

Soul Collage is a way for me to reconnect to my dreams, plans and desires for life. Recently, I read Suzie Wolfer's soul collage newsletter about starting the New Year with a strategist card
to help achieve visions and keep key planning tools at hand. The visual representation speaks of new frontiers and decisions made wisely. This card was made with intention. I collected magazine images that spoke to me about forming a life strategy, scanned them into Photo Shop and re sized them to fit the 5x8 inch card with a composition that pleased me. The card sits on my desk to remind me of what I want to accomplish in 2009.

I also recommend that you check out Leigh Bunkin's blog.
Her inchie grid drawings in a theme or another artist's style are very inspiring. She is also doing some wonderful life drawings.


Suzanne Reynolds said...

You are a wizard with digital images, Paula! Now, pray tell, what are your dreams and intentions for 2009? Would love to hear. :)

Jo Reimer said...

I'm guessing here, Paula, that the clock represents taking control of your time, the compass is your intent to travel, the owl represents wisdom and knowledge, but the black silhouette in the opening? He has no blade so I know he's not the Grim Reaper! LOL
This is a good way to state your intentions. Thanks for the idea.