Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Top Ten Reasons to Keep a Visual Calendar

Readers who follow my blog know I like to create visual calendars of my daily life and travel adventures.

My Top Ten Reasons to Keep a Visual Calendar:
1. To create a mini-journal
2. To keep times with family & friends alive
3. To highlight creative activities
4. To remember places visited
5. To document books read
6. To inspire new work
7. To record artist dates
8. To review priorities
9. To chronicle daily life
10.To see a week or month at-a-glance

Start creating your own visual calendars. Please share your ideas and comments.


Jan Heigh said...

Paula, you are so ahead of the curve here with your list! Good job.

Do you buy the calendar and what size is it?


Gwen said...

I love the list! I am still trying to think of one, but yours is great! It will also inspire me to do one, I will let you know how I do it...

Jo Reimer said...

Yes Paula, do tell about the basic calendar. I kept a calendar journal, a big one, in 2000, and loved the process. Reason 11 to keep the calendar is to record personal history.
If you don't mind I'll also write about doing a visual calendar and link to your post...

Martha Sparks said...

I thought I left a comment here yesterday, but I guess it didn't go through. Great list post -- you're doing really well with the blog class. I was thinking your visual calendar idea might make a good magazine article.
Also your "elevator pitch" is well written and right on target.

tvail56 said...

Paula, Thank you for all the help!
Love T