Friday, April 16, 2010

Japanese Garden Spring Blossoms

listen, water falls, red camellias fade on branch, hollow bamboo, beat

spring blossoms unfold, Japanese Garden quiet, meditative bliss

sketching camellias, one garden fills all senses, restoring my soul

Writing haiku poetry is another creative outlet for me.
The two formats that intrigue me are the-
one word, two words, sentence, two words, one word
and the more traditional five-seven-five syllables.
I wrote the three haiku poems after spending a morning in the Japanese Garden.

The water feature above creates a hollow bamboo beat every two minutes. The larger bamboo tube on the left, fills with water, empties into the bowl and hits the rock behind it when empty to make a hollow thumping sound or beat.

Portland's Japanese Garden
is a feast for all senses and is especially beautiful in springtime.


Gwen said...

Great post, I love your sketch! The color of the camellia is perfect! I see you were able to do your photos in the format we talked about.

That type of bamboo fountain is my favorite. I love the sound it makes when it hits, and the way the water flows in intervals.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day, thnaks for sharing

Herm said...

I love your haiku poetry and your camelia sketch!

lilylovekin said...

Love your poetry

Tory Brokenshire said...

The color of the camellia is so pleasingly rich and your first haiku tells it all so clearly, beautiful.

Robin Olsen said...

Your haikus go so nicely with the sketches and photos. Very pretty.