Friday, April 15, 2011

Roots and Shoots Diptych

Orly Avineri taught my second ArtFest class. As she explains it, "Diptychs are where two become one, looking at the duality of ourselves- how we are beautiful walking contradictions. Our past roots and future shoots come together in the present or now. Art helps us to connect all these things and to unite our opposites.

I liked how we worked on our canvases taped together in the beginning. Then we worked on each half of the diptych separately- intuitively adding collage, paint or line.

In the end, we had to decide which represented our roots and which our shoots.
How did the diptych fit together? What I thought was my roots became my shoots- all united into one piece. Both sections are stronger when seen together. It amazed me how each diptych created in the class represented the beauty and individuality of each artist. I want to explore this process more. It's very powerful.


Gwen said...

These are such beautiful pieces! I am so glad I got to see them in person!

lilylovekin said...

What beautiful work, I'm sure they are even more amazing in real life.

Dayna Collins said...

Fun to see your pieces in process, especially since I got to see the beautiful finished pieces! (And thank you for my personal note with the tuilip photo - such a treat to get REAL mail!)

Jo Reimer said...

These are beautiful, Paula. I'm glad you got to study with Orly because I see her influence on you was very positive.

HeartFire said...

Hi Paula,
I just love these, they are so wonderful, glad I got to see them and You at AF!