Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Watercolor Studies

I'm still playing with color. Changing the Payne's Gray for Ultramarine Blue really brightened the warm palette. To make an even warmer palette, I changed the red and yellow to Quinacridone Rose and Hansa Yellow.
Above are the secondary colors from the first set of primaries. When I mixed the second set of primaries on the paper, I really liked how the secondary colors showed up with this brighter palette. Mixing this way makes it easier to compare and see differences in the two palettes.

Mixing browns came next. Equal amounts of complementary colors form brown. Below are the green-red browns-

Here's the purple-yellow browns-

and the orange-blue browns-
It really makes one see all the different shades of brown. I prefer the warm brown mixes but see how the cool browns would be great for shadows.

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