Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seattle International District Photo Crawl

This weekend, we had a Seattle photo crawl in the International District. Last year for our first photo crawl, we went to Pike Street Market. You can read about it HERE.

GWEN organizes our experience and makes little journals for us to use with our photos. We bring our cameras, Pogo printers and journaling supplies for a fun, creative day. JAN and I came up from Portland. DAWN, Lynne and LOUIE joined us.

Dragon Fest activities filled the streets with lots of vendors, food booths and people.

We spent three hours exploring the International District with our cameras- Chinatown and Historic Japantown or Nihonmachi.

We walked up the hill to see Kobe Park and the community gardens. We met at the Panama Hotel Coffee and Tea Room for lunch. We had a big table to print our photos and work in our journals.

My back journal cover has a Maneki Neko or Japanese good luck cat with "good luck" in Kanji stamped on page.
For a fun activity, organize a photo crawl in your neighborhood.


lilylovekin said...

That sure looks like fun. I've really enjoyed my pogo printer and it looks like you put yours to good use this past week-end.

purple bird art said...

Love how your journal turned out! I really enjoyed our trip, Mingling with fellow artists and all the sight and sounds of the I.D. Can't wait to do it again!!

Gwen said...

I love your journal, Paula! It is amazing how we walk the same places on the crawl, but everyone's book is so different!

It was truly a great day!

Louie said...

Your journal is wonderful! It was such a good day - I know we can't stop thanking each other for fun and sharing - everyone is so talented and generous! Louie

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Bisbee is perfect for a photo crawl I am inspired to set one up !!! Love the term "crawl" too!!

Paula McNamee said...

Julie, glad you like the idea of a photo crawl. It will be fun to see your photos and art journal of Bisbee.

Dayna Collins said...

Oh yay, the second annual Photo Crawl. Looks like it was a success once again, and as always, fun. Thanks for sharing this adventure and for showing us so many of your journal pages!