Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sketching with Friends

This week, I was fortunate to play with my watercolors and sketch twice with two different groups of friends. In the watercolor above, I played with stencils, textured items, a little tissue paper collage and drawing. I am attracted to art with the combination of solid colors and line drawings. Knowing when to stop and let some white paper, negative space show in the background is a challenge for me.
Earlier in the week, my regular sketching group visited Hughes Water Gardens. I wanted to work freer and capture the spirit of the fuschia without pen and ink. It reminds me of Chinese brush painting.

It was a cloudy day and the flowers' bright colors really popped.

Koi filled a large pond.

The waterlilies bloom.

Waterlily blossom on reflected grid, floating flower of spirit and rebirth. Speak to us.


lilylovekin said...

Beautiful waterlilies.

Robin Olsen said...

I like your combo. of paint and line drawing, and I agree with you--it's so hard to leave negative space. Your fuschia is wonderful with those delicate lines--you've captured it really well.

Gwen said...

Those waterlily shots are fabulous, especially the one with the fuchsia pink blossom--it would make a great painting, I think!

I love your freeform painting of the fuchsia flowers, too.

Jo Reimer said...

A lovely post, Paula. I loved the photographs of flowers, especially.

dayledoroshow said...

Hi Paula, I LOVE the first painting especially- collage, watercolor and the black drawing lines- just wonderful! xo