Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifts that Keep on Giving

For a month, I've watched the paperwhites grow and now blossom. Each day is full of a new surprise- the angle of a leaf, the sprout of a bud and the bloom of a flower- gifts that keep on giving.
The growth and blossoming of the paperwhites remind me of other gifts that keep on giving- friendship, the love and support of family, mother nature, books and new ideas, sharing, a random act of kindness, wonder and curiosity, adventure and travel, memories, dreams and special moments.
I am grateful everyday for these gifts. In this season of giving, it's time to remember all the gifts that give us daily sustenance and pleasure.


lilylovekin said...

i am especially grateful for my friends this holiday season both new and old. It is good to be grateful.

stephanie brockway said...

I love the smell of paper whites, i still might get some, thanks for sharing!

sandy said...

And I am grateful for you.