Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moving On...

Members of the Portland Art Collective decided not to continue our Open Doors Art Show and Sale. We celebrated our success with a party.  Each person received a booklet.  Through a guided imagery exercise of our show history, we created our impressions of this journey.  Here's a look at my booklet and experience.  We contributed one-inch squares to have a little piece of art from each person in our book.

My experience is one of evolving into an artist, learning to put my art out in public, market and sell it.  Click onto the photo to enlarge it.

The Open Doors Show offered me a chance to learn about marketing, finance, organizing and hanging a show.  Through this process, I've made good friends, created a body of artwork and took pride in all that we accomplished in the five years that we held the show. 

For the cover, I used some of my new lettering arts skills.

back cover...
Thanks to all of my blog readers who came to the show and supported it.  For now, I want to finish some projects, continue learning how to paint, use color, collage and develop my style - to keep evolving.

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