Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fun with Fabirc Strip Stash

I'm having great fun with my new sari silk fabric strip stash.  The first thing that I made is this needle holder.  The photo doesn't describe how soft the fabric strips feel.

Here are some of the fabric strips and the variety of colors and patterns from my stash.

Tory Brokenshire inspired me to go to Fred Meyers and purchase four cotton rugs made in India.  Check out her blog post about her rag rug project  HERE.  I took the rugs apart, washed the strips in hot water, separated them by color.

Here's a closer look at the label.  They are not 100% cotton but do contain some cotton.  Look closely for bits of metallic threads for a rug that contains sari silk remnants.  Some strips may be junk cotton fabric.  It's the luck of the draw to find lots of sari silk fabric.

Here's a selection of the fabric strips that I used to make a second needle holder.

The finished project.

This is a fun, inexpensive way to collect a great stash of fabric strips.  Stay tuned for the next project that I made with them.  Thank you, Tory, for the inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a treasure of fabrics hidden away in those rugs. How brilliant!