Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Italic Handwriting Class Portfolio

Monday, I started an italic handwriting class at Multnomah Arts Center.  We'll be writing lots of text about creativity to practice with the adage- increased quantity leads to better quality.  I wanted to make a portfolio to hold my text writings.

The cover is painted muslin fabric using acrylics and stencils.

I glued the muslin to cut foam core with matte medium.

This is what the back looked like when I finished gluing.

The inside covers are covered with some paper from Korea.  Red duck tape connects the front and back.

On the cover, I used a C-O nib and white Windsor & Newton calligraphic ink to write the word 'Creativity' in large letters.

The other words I wrote in a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen for 'Winter 2013' and a C-4 nib with the white ink for 'italic handwriting'.

Now, I'm off to practice, practice, practice.


Createology said...

Your hand crafted journal for your new writing class is perfect. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Paula McNamee said...

I sure agree with you that Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts.

Anonymous said...

Finding your blog was a wonderful and fortuitous "coincidence" (I don't believe in coincidences--I think they are all Providential) for me.

I have been dabbling with my handwriting and calligraphy for about 30 years. I discovered Pilot's Parallel pens a few months ago, and have been filling Moleskin books with my thoughts and quotes since then.

I was looking online for "excellent quotes to write in calligraphy" and your blog came up first on Google.

The photos of your studio encouraged me to express my creativity in my own home. Your calligraphy encouraged me to explore outside of the confines of my strict regiment for myself.

Your Calligraphy portfolio that you made with the foam board was like a breath of fresh air in an attic filled with dust and stagnant air. I am that attic.

I want to burst out of my old skin and start living and producing all the art that is locked up inside of me. It is about time! I have about 20 good years of life left in me (God willing) and I want to make the most of those remaining years.

All that to say, again: your life, your blog, your creativity and your calligraphy have been an inspiration to me and I sent the link to your blog to my sister. (I have read the book FEAR OF ART and it applies to me)

Thank you, Debi C. in Garden Home, Oregon

Paula McNamee said...

Debi, Thanks for your comments. I'm glad my blog is inspiring to you. Keep at it and you'll reap lots of rewards.

liesel said...

HI Paula! Love your new journal. Great colors. Have fun with the class! Calligraphy can be so much fun. Hope you are doing well! Hugs from Seattle!