Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Italic Handwriting Calligraphy Class Journals and Workbooks

Yesterday, we had our last italic handwriting class for this term and shared our journals and workbooks on creativity.

Debra used her watercolor paintings for her cover..

and inside with one of her favorite Mary Oliver quotes.

Ryan created this ABC cover.  She used the white counter in the letter A to embellish  the page in different colors

Her workbook pages included both italic handwriting and other decorative lettering.

Eddy entitled her workbook "creativity".

Here's an example of her fine italic handwriting.  She experimented with different fountain pens in search for the best fine nib to write her quotes.

Marianne wrote a favorite quote about the creative process on her journal cover.

She used different decorative papers as backgrounds for her quotes inside her journal.

A musician, Roberta's journal included several of her favorite writings and poems about faith and music.

Alysa used a card from a friend in New Zealand for her journal cover.

Pat found this print from the Book of Kells at a thrift shop and turned into her workbook cover.

I took my portfolio that I made at the beginning of our class and used it as the cover to bind my workbook adding a button and bead clasp.

It's amazing how each person in the class created her own workbook or journal and personalized it with her interests and visions.  Thank you, Christine Colasurdo, for a great class. 

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