Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Upcycled Wind Chime

At our Portland Art Collective picnic this month, we exchanged yard art. I had in mind making a wind chime. I went to SCRAP for inspiration on what to make. Scrap is a Portland recycling center for art supplies. Their materials change frequently depending on donations and what people purchase. The first things I saw for my wind chime were the metal knitting needles, fifteen in all in assorted sizes. The longest needles measure fifteen inches. I also found in the metal section a round grill-like piece about five inches in diameter from which to hang the needles.

I had to figure out how to hang the knitting needles from the grill. I used washers to hold the needles and drilled a couple holes on each side to wire them to the grill. The center consists of colorful beads I had on hand and a bell. The whole project cost under $10. It's fun to create something that you usually don't make.

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Jo Reimer said...

Brilliant! I was about ready to chuck my Mother's knitting needles and most of my own but now I know how to create an heirloom with them... another thing to do that I probably won't get around to, but if I put it all in a box and label it "to make an heirloom wind chime" maybe a grandchild will do some someday.