Thursday, December 8, 2016

Inner Outer Landscapes

We created posters for our final project in Carol DuBosch's  calligraphy class for Fall term. I entitled mine Inner Outer Landscapes wanting to reconnect with nature and beauty as a way to deal with all of the chaos in our country and the world.

Below is an outline with color scheme for the 11x17 inch poster.


Then, I did tests for background colors and lettering colors of ink, sumi, gouache and pen white.
Here's the poster with the background painted-

The title refers to the landscapes of my heart and mind as I relate to nature and beauty and deal with the stress of change. I selected quotes and parts of poems from John Muir, Mary Oliver, Walt Whitman, Lynn Unger, Buddha, Kahlil Gibran, and Ilan Shamir.

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Carol said...

This is really beautiful Paula! Love everything about it. Carol