Friday, June 8, 2007

Tokyo Sights

Last Sunday, we went to Yoyogi Park to see the Harajuku girls and rock bands. The next day I passed through Shibuya Station and captured a photo of Tokyo's "Time Square". The highlight of the week had to be Tsukiji Fish Market. We got up at 4am to be there at 5 to see the market open up and the tuna auction. The world's largest fish market- 400 species of seafood weighing over 2500 tons from all over the world arrive every day. It trades 10 times the volume and five times the value of New York's New Fulton Fish Market. Women control the money in tiny little booths scattered throughout the market. Business is based on a handshake, very low tech with workers respected for their skills and knowledge. The surprising thing is that it doesn't smell fishy. They use seawater to clean everything and make ice to chill the fish. Jean spoke to an operator of one of the fish moving vehicles and he invited us to ride with him to a sushi place- a highly unauthorized and hair raising view of the market which not many get to experience. The sushi meal tasted great- fresh right out of the market.


maggie said...

Wow Paula--what a great adventure you've had! I especially love the photo of the red octopus. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us in etherland.

maggie, having fun in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Paula - saw the photo of the little motorized hauler and knew exactly where you were - you're right Tsukiji fish market is fabulous! I loved it too but we were told the auction weren't open to the public. I was all ready to get up to be there at 4am like you were. It truly was an amazingly bustling place. We'll have to compare notes soon! Thanks for sharing.