Thursday, October 25, 2007

Art Challenge with Haiku as Inspiration

tossed stone
the pond's sound
skips through the trees
M. Cohen

Kat challenged art group members to create a piece of art using haiku for inspiration. I loved this exercise and took one of my acylic painted and textured backgrounds from Misty Mawn's class as a base. Using Misty's techniques, I transfered my photos of trees and fall foilage, added some stamped ferns and drew water ripples of the tossed stone. The forest is alive with fall color. Here are some of her other haiku for inspiration.

  • Utter aloneness, another great pleasure in autumn twilight Basho
  • In my dream, my dog has a whistle only I can hear J. Stevenson
  • This cold night, nothing moves but stars J. Brown
  • Alone, learning stillness from the sandstone M. Farley
  • Eating alone, my alphabet soup speaks to me B. Duster
  • New in town, the scent of unknown flowers Y. Chang
  • All along the road, not a single soul only autumn evening comes Basho

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dollproject said...

This is beautiful Paula! It was so good to see you at A&S. I will bookmark your blog so I can find it again.