Saturday, November 3, 2007

Colorful Leaves, Value Study & Craft Fair

Playing with leaves and paint creates many different images. Here many layers of leaves were printed, stenciled and traced. To make the lines on the sides, I used a cork wrapped with a rubberband, added paint and rolled it onto the paper. Imagine what you could create with different sized rubberbands. This color palette is one of my favorites- French ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and quinacridone gold. I'm going to press & preserve these leaves in a phone book to use during the year.

Using the French ultramarine blue and burnt sienna, this value study was fun to make drawing trees one behind the other and painting the negative spaces with progressively darker mixes of watercolor.

The Clackamas County Arts & Craft Fair offered me the opportunity to share and sell some of my art. My Grandma Pearson made the beautiful quilt when she was in her 90's. I felt her presence with me all day. She taught me how to knit and crochet along with many other life lessons. I enjoyed the expereince, seeing former coworkers and meeting other artists. Plus, I met my goal in sales.


Judy Wise said...

Oh, what a pretty display you made with the quilt and your baskets. And the watercolors - so much eye candy and they go so nicely with the colors of your blog template. Everywhere I look I see beauty and goodness here.

Delorse said...

Hi Paula,
Congratulations on your show! What a wonderful blog you have - lovely artwork. I have been thinking about starting one and you are inspiring me...

Gwen said...

Hi Paula,
These photos are wonderful, I love what you have been doing with leaves, and the haiku piece is stunning!

just wonderful!