Monday, December 17, 2007

Guardian Angels

At the end of the year when I count my blessings, I feel expecially touched by several guardian angels in my life. Laurie Mika made this wonderful icon that looks over my desk. Her colors and mosaics intrigue, captivate and warm my heart.

To my delight, Suzanne made this great little box for me. What little treasures will go inside? Something special for sure.

The top sings with color, texture and hope of future travels. Maybe a seafaring adventure awaits for 2008?

Patricia made this inro pendant. The Japanese used inro to hold small objects becuase traditional clothing lacked pockets. Inside she tucked these cute little snowmen earrings.

My newest gaurdian angel is Fiona. She wants to dance with the stars. Darlene and her daughter, Cora, make these silly sock creatures. Their whimsy and funny, fat-lipped faces light up my day.

Yesterday, they had a booth at the Rebel Rabbit craft fair at Hipbone Studio on E. Burnside. After seeing Darlene and Cora, I waited in a long line to get into crafty wonderland at the Old Norse Hall. Over 100 venders and wall to wall buyers filled both downstairs and upstairs. Portland promotes handmade gifts in a big way. Tis the season to buy homemade and support cottage crafters and artists.


Judy Wise said...

OMG, I love the pink rabbit with the rubbery lips! Thanks for the smile. xoxo

Your Art Buddy Darlene said...

She is so cute...haha. I am glad she went to a good home...she was one of my favorites!