Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inchies for ArtFiberFest

Next week, I'm off to ArtFiberFest at Reed College and decided to participate in an inchie swap with an orb theme. It's hard to work this small. I sandwiched two fabrics back to back on a piece of Lutradur. The back fabric is yellow with multicolored polka dots. I cut one inch strips with my rotary cutter, stamped inch rings using a bottle cap with acylic paint, outlined orbs in red ink and sewed on sequin and bead embellishments. The edges are colored with a red Sharpie.
What workshops am I taking? Jen McGahan's soft sculpture animals; Ty & Marcia Schultz's discovering paverpol; and Mary Stanley's charm school.


lilylovekin said...

How lucky you are to get to go to ArtFiberFest. I've been to Artfest before and Teesha and Terry put on a wonderful event. I hear that fiberfest is smaller more intimate and can be even more fun. You are soooo Lucky!!

Ruth said...

Have fun at ArtFiberFest! I'm passing it up this year, but will be at JournalFest in October. You've inspired me by the way - I've just signed up for the Stencilry class.

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Lily and Ruth, for your comments. I hope to see both of you at future art retreats. Ruth, you'll enjoy Mary Ann's Stencilry class. I can't wait to see what you create. I'll post my ArtFiberFest creations the end of the month.