Thursday, June 4, 2009

Art Retreat, Kitchen Spirit Doll & Journal Stencils

Each Spring our Portland Art Collective members attend a retreat at Menucha in the Columbia River Gorge. It's a time to create, enhance friendships and enjoy nature. Below is a photo looking west just before sunset.
The sunset on this hot day colored the sky.
I finished a kitchen spirit doll for Mme Corbel Elisabeth, our five star chef at her Keraret Bed & Breakfast in Plouguiel, Brittany. She loves dolls and I promised to make her one.
Then, Cynthia and I got our our spray paint and stenciled in the calm morning. I took my journal that I made (see here) in January and sprayed away. I like how the red paint integrates the cover.
Here is another page with the red paint stenciled on to it. The red paint on the dark yellow on the left really shines.
This page, I sprayed with yellow paint.
Here's a page from my black and white journal.
If you are interested in stenciling, Mary Ann Moss is offering her online Stencilry class this month. I highly recommend it. It's full of resources, interesting videos and lesson plans.


edina said...

Love your stenciled journal pages, Paula - very cool! And those photos you took at Menucha are making me nostalgic...


Robin Olsen said...

It's so amazing to see how much the stenciling transforms a page. You have quite a knack for that! Love how your spirit doll turned out--what a thoughtful gift.

lilylovekin said...

Love your stencil pages. I've been thinking about taking Mary Anns stencil class. I'm glad to hear that it was good.

Gwen said...

You are right, Paula! The stenciling makes those pages really come together, and sing! I still love the black and white journal so much!

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Warning- stenciling can become addictive.