Thursday, May 20, 2010

Creative Slumps- How to get Going Again

For the past month, I've experienced a creative slump. It's a major effort to get into the studio and work on projects. Our sketch group keeps me going and at least drawing one morning a week. Usually, I have lots of creative energy and can't wait to get started each day. I'll work until a project is completed and feel a great sense of accomplishment. The time flies by without
realizing where the day went. That's when I'm in my "element".

In her weekly newsletter, 52 Weeks to a Less Ordinary Life, Maggie Kolkena recommends Sir Ken Robinson 's book The Element- how finding your passion changes everything. Click on his name above and listen to his TED (technology, education, design) presentation. He believes that creativity is as important as literacy. It's not only education that needs to heed his words of wisdom but everyone. He says, "Finding the medium that excites your imagination, that you love to play with and work in, is an important step in freeing your creative energies." For many it's a fountain of life.

Today, I made myself go into the studio and do three things that I've been avoiding. The very act of doing got me going. Small tasks lead to bigger accomplishments and keep the creative process alive. Sir Robinson's book put it all in perspective. I highly recommend his book and added it to my book list.

What gets your creative juices flowing?


Robin Olsen said...

Great post Paula. You and I have been having the same sort of month. I've tried something this time that I've never done before. I've embraced not doing anything creative. I took all the "I Should's" out of my head. I had several weeks of not doing a thing in the studio, not even stitching in front of TV, and then yesterday I couldn't wait to start on a little project. Not sure if this will work every time for me, but maybe sometimes we just need a break.

Paula McNamee said...

Robin, I like the idea of giving yourself permission not to be creative. Then nothing hangs over your head in terms of "I should..." I guess we all need little vacations from our usual routine. Maybe that's why I'm reading a lot lately.

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lilylovekin said...

Thank you for the book suggestion. I'm glad you are working through your slump, they are always difficult times.