Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lan Su Chinese Garden

May celebrates the peony collection in the Lan Su Chinese Garden. The Chinese passion for peonies makes them China's official national flower. A friend and I visited the garden early this week. Many of the tree peonies had finished blooming. Peony bouquets filled the Hall of Brocade Clouds.

I really liked the colorful peony seed pods which I observed for the first time. What inspires my passion for peonies? their vibrant colors, lacy petals, beautiful centers, imaginative names?
The walled garden, located in Portland's Old Town, offers a serene nature respite to the hectic urban environment that surrounds it. "Between Lake and Mountain Lies True Meaning".

Each season brings a different feel and look to this scholar's garden. In Lan Su's study, we found his Four Treasures- paper, brush, ink and ink stone.
This garden is one of Portland's treasures.


edina said...

Beautiful! Makes me miss the peonies from our old house in Vancouver.

Liesel said...

Gorgeous Paula! I love peonies too. They are so many petaled, blowsy, full of life flowers. I like your sweet art sketch too. Looks like you are having lots of fun! Thanks for sharing these!

lilylovekin said...

What beautiful flowers, I would love to visit that place.

Jo Reimer said...

I love your photos, Paula. You're developing a very good eye, especially for composition.