Friday, June 4, 2010

Knitted Cranes and Book Power Artist Date

Yesterday, I went downtown to see the "Knit Not War 1000" installation at the Ace Hotel. Edina recommended that I see it and writes about the project in her blog HERE. One of her knitted cranes is part of the exhibit.
It's amazing to see what women can do to with their talents to make a statement. The installation continues all weekend. The colors, softness of the wool and number of cranes sure impressed me.
After seeing the knitted cranes, I headed for the 23 Sandy Gallery to see their Book Power exhibit. It's an international exhibition of artist books addressing our social, political and environmental world. Being able to handle the books makes this is one of my favorite galleries.
The artists challenged my thinking and beliefs in very different ways- through their words, visual images, book construction and use of different mediums. The exhibit runs through June 26th and I highly recommend it.


Tory Brokenshire said...

The cranes are impressive I can just imagine how they look in mass. Art days are the best! Thanks for the photos I love to see them when I can't visit myself.

lilylovekin said...

Paula, thank you for your kind comment re: Lily. Your art day out looks like it was much fun. I bet those cranes were wonderful in real life.