Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From Waterlilies to Metal Sculpture

I'd much prefer to sketch flowers. This waterlily at Hughes Water Gardens started turning from white to pink as we sat and sketched in the greenhouse. The subtle color changes happened very slowly. The gardener said that by the end of the day this waterlily would be all pink.

Victorian lily pads float in the greenhouse pond with tall lotus plants in the background.

The lotus blossom and seed pod always fascinate me with their grand size and shape.

Other waterlily species share the pond with their bright flowers and dark leaves.

This week, we went to Lake Oswego to sketch street art. My inclination is to draw the flowers in this beautiful bed.

Robin discovered this metal sculpture entitled "Totem" by Travis Pond from Steel Pond Studios in Portland. It's made of 100% recycled metal motorcycles and guns. Gas tanks become bodies and various metal parts formed the arms and legs of the totem creatures.

Here's the bottom creature- a frog? I'm not sure. I felt like I was drawing an outer-space being.


Robin Olsen said...

I always like your flower sketches, but I think you have quite a knack for frog aliens made out of motorcycle parts! You put in just enough detail to make it very clear that this is a motorcycle gas tank. Glad you didn't mind (too much) the extra challenge.

lilylovekin said...

Those water lilies are awesome, the huge pads are amazing. I would love to see some of those. You are so lucky to get to see them and be able to sketch them.

Dayna Collins said...

Wild metal sculptures! I love them . . .

robertred said...

That's a cool looking metal sculpture. Thanks for sharing and for your talented artwork. Your really good at this.