Friday, November 26, 2010

Mandala Paintings

"Aztec Dream"

Six months ago, I started a series of mandala paintings. Several artists recommend working on more that one piece at a time. This process worked really well with this project. While letting one painting dry, I could start working on the next one. By the time I finished the process with each one, the first painting was ready for the next layer.

"Mandala Rose"

I covered each canvas with collaged maps, applied gesso, transferred my mandala pattern, painted it with acrylics, added gold leaf, three dimensional fabric paint, drawings, more background stamps and used amber shellac for the final coat.

"Blossom Meditation".

"Pyramid Mystery"

Working on these mandalas was very meditative with repetition of line, color, pattern. I plan to work on more series in this manner. It's very satisfying to complete several paintings by the end of the process. For more information about Mandalas go HERE and HERE.


Herm said...

I love your mandalas, my favorite is the Aztec Dream, beautifully done!

Jan Heigh said...

Just gorgeous mandalas Paula!


Atmara said...

Love these! I'm a mandala maker, too. I'm going to mention this link on my Facebook page Mandalas from Atmara.

lilylovekin said...


Gwen said...

I love your mandalas! I especially like the last one, pyramid mystery! It is very mysterious to me. Good luck at the sale, I REALLY WISH I COULD BE THERE!!

Dayna Collins said...

Your mandala paintings are stunning, in your photographs as well as in person. I'm glad you are continuing to work on them.