Friday, January 21, 2011

Sketch Exercise

This week, we sketched at our favorite winter hang out- Monte's Cafe at Monticello Antiques. Robin Olsen found this drawing exercise on the Urban Sketcher's blog. We each selected an item to sketch, and drew it on both sides of our sketchbook spread. Then we passed our sketchbook to the next person and she painted it.

Robin used a dry brush technique to paint the doll on the left.

I used a wetter brush to paint the doll on the right. We decided to work with new exercises each week. It's fun to mix it up a little and try something different.


Tory Brokenshire said...

It looks like you girls are having fun on your outings I cant wait to see more.
Your encautics are very cool it is so fun to learn new things.

Dayna Collins said...

What lovely drawings. You are so lucky to have a group to play with!