Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge

With the New Year, I decided to make a new sketchbook. I like this size 8x6 inches. The book is made with two canvas boards. The cover is one of Robin Olsen's fabric experiments that I purchase from her.

First, I free motion stitched the word sketchbook onto interfacing-backed muslin. I ran it through my Xyron machine and ended up with the adhesive on the right side. Oops! What to do? I covered it with sheer fabric and love how the stitched and ragged edges became contained yet transparent. I then adhered it to another piece of fabric and stretched it over the canvas board.

For the back cover, I adhered with the Xyron machine an old, French book page that I'd made into resin paper. Then I stitched it onto decorative paper and adhered both to the canvas board. The book binding is black Ultrasuede. I covered the inside covers with decorative paper and sewed in watercolor paper signatures. It's already to fill with drawings, paint and writing.

To get new inspiration and ideas for sketching, I encourage you to join the Sketchbook Challenge. It starts today. The theme for January is "Highly Prized". This theme comes from Sister Corita Kent. She was one of my favorite 60's artists and activists. I'd forgotten about her. It's amazing how sharing brings back certain memories.

When you upload one of your pages or spreads for each monthly theme to the group Flickr account, you're eligible to win a prize from several different sponsors. I'm planning on taking the challenge and will share my pages each month. Join in the fun.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Love this!!! I hardly ever use my sewing machine. I have afree motion foot on it but no place to but the machine as my studio is so tiny !!!

Robin Olsen said...

I love what you did with that piece! The white-on-white seems perfect for this Jan. weather. Funny how putting the xyron on the wrong side ends up with a very clever solution.

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Julie, for your comment. I started using my sewing machine more
when I move it out of the pantry to one end of my desk in my studio. It used to be a chore to get to it and set it up. Now, it's already do go and I use it more often.

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Robin. It's amazing how mistakes can end up creating new solutions that improve the outcome.

Herm said...

Happy Birthday Paula! I liked very much the cover and color of your sketchbook