Friday, March 25, 2011

Bead Knitted Bag

When I cleaned out my studio, I found an old project with all the supplies to make it. I always wanted to knit one of these beaded amulet bags. It's okay for a first attempt. I know now what I'd do differently- start with two beads per column vs. one; and tighten up my gauge. My knitting was very loose here. The bag measures about 1½ inches square.

Years ago, Marianne made this little bag for me. When I visited her a couple of weeks ago, she got me started and helped me with instructions to finish the project.

I'd never knitted with Size 0000 double pointed knitting needles. I didn't know that they made such tiny ones. The thread is DMC size 8 Cotton Perlé with size 11 beads strung onto the thread.

Cindy Hulsey makes the patterns and you can check her website at Cactus Co. Beadwork.


lilylovekin said...

The bags are so tiny, the needles remind me of the tiny crochet hooks one uses for crocheting for jewelry-so tiny. I love the smallness of it.

Beads2yarn said...

Ooohhh, I love these. I have wanted to knit a beaded bag for years. these are beautiful

Herm said...

that bag is a beauty! i have been wanting to knit one, saw the instructions somewhere, but then I bought one at a school bazaar and love it!!! how long did it take you to finish it?

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks for your compliments. In the beginning, I had to start over a few times because of dropped stitches. Once I got the pattern down, I worked on it on and off for a couple of weeks. The second one will go much faster.

cynthia said...

OOOh, Paula, these are so pretty, and old fashioned, yet modern looking.Seems like a lot of work, but I bet you are glad to have tried it.