Sunday, March 6, 2011

Studio Organization Accomplished

I've been working on cleaning up my studio for three weeks. It feels good to get this accomplished. I wish I had more space so I could relegate items not used much to another part of the house. But I have to do with the space that I have. Above are the storage bins for my fabrics. I love looking at the colors and have them all color coordinated.

I found these tool caddies and used them for items that I can carry to the desk or out in the garage when I want to use them- metalworking tools, pens and pencils and markers.

All my felting and fiber supplies are in one place and the shelf is easier to move in and out to reach things stored on each end.

One of the best parts is the reclaimed floor space . It makes the room look so much bigger. With bags and boxes piled up around the perimeter, it was hard to find a pathway through all the stuff and to find things. My new motto is "put everything away".

A new feature is the shelf DH built for the back of the desk. It's 5½ inches wide, 6 inches tall and 60 inches long. Now I have a place to tuck treasures. Items I use daily are contained in an organizer. I hope I'm motivated to keep it this way. The worktable is clear, ready for a new project.


Jo Reimer said...

You did it, Paula! I'll bet your newly found space feels wonderful. My mother's mantra was, "Don't put it down, put it away". I hope you do better than I do at putting things away.

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Jo. That will be the challenge

lilylovekin said...

Nearly 5 feet of shelf for treasures I love that the best. Good luck at keeping it organized and neat.

Herm said...

Paula, love your studio, wish I can say the same, will never accomplish it, have been too busy with Jude's class and have a sore hand of so much sewing!!!

Robin Olsen said...

No wonder it took so long--I can see how thorough you were. It looks great!

cynthia said...

Your work really paid off, Paula! Everything in its' place is very soothing. As I have said, you have inspired me to do the same kind of deep cleaning and organizing.Thanks.