Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bamboo Book for Book Arts Confercence

As a found object artist challenge, the Focus on Book Arts Conference gave each person who registered a packet of materials with a bamboo theme to use in her handmade book. A minimum of five items had to be incorporated into the book.

I decorated Thai kozo paper for the cover and used the Secret Belgian bookbinding technique with watercolor paper signatures to make my book. The first item I used was a piece of bamboo about five inches long. It's split in half and wired to the front cover drawing. With an eyelet in the bookend, I attached the face (which I painted) and another small bamboo bead- three items used.

For the inside book covers front and back, I glued paper provided in the packet. Then I cutout part of a stamped design, added a Japanese stamp in red that says "Good Day" and framed it with a decorated slide cover. I did the same for the back inside cover with a different stamped design and another Japanese stamp in red that says "Gook Luck". Six items used.

The artist books will be displayed at the registration desk. Attendees vote on their favorite book and the winner receives a $50 gift certificate from the Accidental Bookmaker store sponsored by Green Heron Book Arts.


Gwen said...

This book is really beautiful! I am sure you had a great time at the conference! I look forward to hearing about it!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

All of the elements work wonderfully in your book, Paula. It's truly a work of art. Hope you had a great time at the book conference.