Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pasta Machine Prints

Someone asked the other day if I's ever done pasta machine prints. Upon looking for something else, I happened to rediscover these prints last week. The pasta machine is set at #7. The design is etched with a stylus on to copper or gold foil from Creative Crafts. The first one is inked with Color Box ink pads on the raised surface to get the design. We used an absorbent watercolor or print paper, placed the inked side on the paper and sandwiched it between a couple other sheets of paper to get a stronger print.

If you ink the reverse side or recessed area, you get more of a background print. This one was "inked" with Portfolio water soluble oil pastels and printed onto wet watercolor paper. It's a fun process and very serendipitous.

For a more sophisticated take on printing with the pasta machine go here. Happy Faces Chicago is about art, artists and culture in Chicago. This post was made March 12, 2009.

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lilylovekin said...

One can find a way to make art with anything! What a creative idea to use the roller of the pasta machine for making prints.