Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Networking with Artist Blogs for Friendship and Inspiration

Robin Olsen surprised me with a Liebster blog award. Her blog, Rough Around the Edges, always inspires me with her fresh, creative ideas with fibers and the new directions her artwork takes in her painting, journals and travels. I really appreciate her passing this award onto me. Thank you, Robin.

The award is meant to showcase bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. It originated in Germany and means "favorite" or "dearest." The rules are you must mention and link to the person who gave you the award and mention five other blogs that you think are worthy of the Leibster.

Dayna Collins- Her blog, Alley Art Studio - Be Bold, showcases her artful journey through her paintings, curious elements, travels, workshops and antique/junk hunting. I'm always amazed at her artistic energy.

Jo Reimer- Her blog, One a Day, offers examples of her daily art making and experimentation with her painted/paper collages, photographs, journals and paintings.

Liesel Lund- Her Blog, Adventure in Pretty, highlights her art interests in watercolor and mixed media painting, art journaling, jewelry and photography.

Lorrie Haymaker- Her blog, Lily Lovekin Tails, shares her life journey with its ups and downs, bits of wisdom, insights into daily living, poetry and wonderful photographs.

Penelope Harris- Her blog, Radiant Crust, tells wonderful stories about her artwork, art exchanges and other esoteric topics that enter her very inventive mind.

Blogging allows me to make and network with artist friends all over the country. Even though we live miles apart, I feel close to each one. Their friendship and inspiration stoke my creative fires.


Devid Cena said...

Thanks for sharing....

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find friends said...

Thanks for sharing. I do believe that through blogging I can gain a lot of friends also I can satisfy my hobby on sharing things with other people that soon will be my friends.

Dayna Collins said...

I am honored, Paula, to be the recipient of this blog award, especially since I so admire and love reading your blog (and looking at your beautiful images).

Paula McNamee said...

You're welcome, Dayna. Your blog inspires me to keep blogging, taking photos of my artwork and art retreats.