Sunday, April 22, 2012

Art Group Outings to Seattle and Oregon Coast

Be with those who help your being. -RUMI

Rumi's quote sums up my feeling about my art group friends. They nurture and support me in so many different ways both as an artist and as a person. The Portland Art Collective took a day trip to Seattle to see the Seattle Art Museum's Gauguin Polynesia exhibit. Polynesian art influenced Gauguin's paintings along with his idealized vision of Tahitian culture. He painted with very thin layers of paint where the canvas often showed through his paint. His use of color impressed me the most. Check out these short videos about his life and art HERE.

We spent a glorious afternoon exploring shops downtown Seattle and Pike Place Market where the tulips filled up the flower booths. It was a sunny, warm day and we didn't even need our jackets. Here's a PAC blog post with more photos of our trip- HERE.

This week, I spent time at Seaside on the Oregon Coast with another group of art friends.

It's great to feel so connected to art friends. They feed my soul. I'm so grateful for each one.


Jan Heigh said...

Dear Paula;

What a great idea to rent a van and go the the Seattle Museum.

Great photos too.


Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Jan. It was a fun trip.