Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Mexico Travel Journal

I just returned from a wonderful trip to New Mexico and want to share my travel journal with you.  I made the title page before leaving home.  I liked the  "funky minuscules" inspired by Tracy Bautista in Lisa Engelbrecht's book entitled Modern Mark Making from classic calligraphy to hip hand lettering.  I used these letters and inspiration from a lettering class to be taught by Jill Berry at Portland Art and Soul.

My travel journals always include a visual calendar.  I stamped the month and dates, added my sketches and other ephemera that I found a long the way.  We started our trip in Albuquerque and spent two nights there.
Our first stop was Old Town Albuquerque.  We ate lunch at the Church Street Cafe patio and toured the area.  The sun felt so good.  It'd been cold and pouring down rain in Portland when our flight took off.  It didn't take long to re-acclimate to 80° temperatures.
I liked the colors and arid desert of the New Mexican landscape. The aerial view flying into Albuquerque caught my attention.  The circle crops below looked like  labyrinths from the air. The next day, we visited the National Petroglyph Monument and took a little hike in Boca Negra Canyon.

I enjoyed sketching some of the petroglyphs that were painted/carved on the volcanic rocks along the trail.  I'll have more pages to share as they are completed.


Bobbie said...

I absolutely love your pages!!! Thanks for sharing them.

Paula McNamee said...

You're welcome, Bobbie. New Mexico offers lots of inspiration for art with it's beautiful landscape and many artists/galleries.

Gwen said...

I am enjoying looking at your journal, and imagining how much you loved NM. It truly is the land of enchantment!
Makes me want to go back!

Ruth said...

I have wanted to go to the Southwest for years! What fun to see your impressions. And by the way Jann taught me the single page binding stitch from your giveaway. I've been making lots of little books to practice