Saturday, August 25, 2012

Layered and Textured Garden Painting

This week, I had fun playing with a textured grid of collaged images and paint.  The final abstract painting includes about six layers of collage and paint. I created my own English cottage garden.

The first layer is paint chips in the colors that I wanted the final painting to be.  The second layer as seen above is made up of garden, plant and flower images cut into squares and collaged onto the canvas.

Then, I painted over the second layer to set the scene, added another layer of collage.  I added paint to several of the collaged images, added another layer, added a layer of tissue paper flowers and the humming bird. To emphasize the humming bird, I painted his breast red (see top photo).  I could do a whole series of these paintings.


penelope said...

Very interesting technique, Paula. And the result is beautiful. It made me think of other 'landscapes' that could be done that way. Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne Reynolds said...

I love what you did, Paula, and how you integrated the collage and paint. Very lovely!

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Penelope and Suzanne, for your comments. I really did enjoy working on this painting.