Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Village Gallery Art Challenge Finished Canvases

Nature inspires my artwork and for this challenge I thought of the changing seasons in my garden.  Winter reminds me of hibernation, turning inward.

Spring welcomes a feeling of rebirth and renewal.

Summer flourishes with blossoms and growth under the sun.

Autumn brings in the harvest and a time to let go.

Come see the exhibit May 7 to May 31.  For more information, check The Village Gallery of Art website.


Jo Reimer said...

your pieces are lovely, Paula. I'll get down the hill to see the show very soon. If you come this way let me know and come by for a visit or we'll meet for coffee.

sandy said...

Oh Paula, these are lovely. I wish I could've seen them in person. You really have found a wonderful technique to speak your voice.

Catherine said...

It's so interesting to me to see your finished pieces AND to see the steps leading up to the finished paintings. All the underlying layers add so much interest to the final layer. I really like how they all came out. Good job!

Q said...

hello, we were table-mates at Orly's....love your flower paintings, colors and textures are awesome! :) Jo