Monday, April 29, 2013

Village Gallery Art Challenge Process

Nature inspires my artwork.  For the art challenge at The Village Gallery of Art, I thought of my garden with each changing season.  I like to create by adding layers of collage papers, ink,  line and paint.  The layers add mystery and texture to each piece.  I thought you'd like to see the layers one step at a time. The first layer is collaged paper-

The second layer is a painted wash.  Then, I added a stenciled floral design and a dark strip to tie the four pieces together-

Another painted white wash-

A free form splash of acrylic ink-

My favorite part of creating is seeing how each layer adds to the piece. The next post will show the last layer of collage, line and paint- the finished product.  Yesterday, I took my canvases to the gallery.  Next Sunday, all the artists' work will be hung and the show opens May 7th.  One-hundred artists participated in the challenge this year.

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