Thursday, August 7, 2014

Scattered by the Wind Prayer Flag

Dayna Collins started her Scattered by the Wind Prayer Flag project to help fund art programs at Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility.  She sells each flag for $10.  It's a wonderful idea and she's getting lots of response. Contact her if you want to participate.  I made this flag with my Indian rug fabric strips.  you can see how I got these scraps HERE.


Jo Reimer said...

These prayer flags remind me of an installation I saw in New Orleans. The artist had cut/ripped many brightly colored fabrics into various widths and lengths, up to 8 feet long, and attached them to a beam under a porch roof in a government building. The "flag" was probably 30 feet wide and fluttered in the breeze coming off the Mississippi. It was an amazing sight that I won't forget. Later I did something similar for a scarecrow in my garden, with the fabric strips hanging from the crossbar of two crossed poles. Perhaps I was praying that the crows would leave my corn alone!

Dreamcicle Journeys said...

Thanks, Jo, for your comment. Your garden scarecrow sounds like a fun use of fabric strips. I also like the colorful flag idea.