Thursday, August 23, 2007

Garden Wonders

This week, we sketched at the Berry Botanic Garden. The six acre estate in Dunthrope area of Portland is full of rare plants from around the world as well as native NW plants. It contains the largest public rock garden on the West Coast and is a national historic site. Rae Selling Berry developed the garden and was known internationally as a pioneering plantswoman.

The troughs really spoke to me. These minature garden landscapes contain a variety of plants and vary in size and construction. Some troughs are 30 years old.

Here's another of my favorite roses- 'Dainty Bess'. It's so delicate and almost looks like a dogwood blossom. Pink roses symbolize happiness, gratitude, appreciation and admiration. This is how I feel today about nature and the world around me.

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Judy Wise said...

I LOVE your drawing and the lettering on it too. (working on lettering over here myself)

Anyhoo, beside that I want to say that Dainty Bess is one of my favorite roses too and this last weekend in Silverton I saw a rose that I like just as well called "Mutabilis". It blooms like Dainty only is bicolored and smaller in growth habit. (the blooms change colors as they age). I just gotta get me one!!