Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Summer Art

Last Saturday, Suzie led a workshop on Visual Journaling with Soul Collage. Selecting one of our cards for inspiration and deeper understanding, we let our bodies and emotions create the art to see what feelings and awareness emerged from the images. Before, this bird represented to me flying, spreading wings to new ventures. This day, it spoke to me about voice and being heard. Soul Collage is a wonderful way to explore ways images speak to us about the workings of our subconscious mind and inner world.

Laurie Weiss made this wonderful book for a scholarship raffle at the Oregon Focus on Book Arts Conference in June. It's become my " A Summer in Portland" sketchbook.

The inside has a great mini-book and pocket to store little treasures.
Tuesdays, Martha, Cynthia and I sketch together and eat lunch. Afterwards, Martha and I attend Jude Siegel's "Nature Journaling" class. It's great fun to practice drawing and paint with watercolors. Now I want to know the botanical names of flowers and mix yummy colors.

These sunflowers and dahlias I bought at Justy's produce market off 224 near the corner of Johnson and Lake Roads. He sells dahlias for 20¢, zinnias for 15¢ and sunflowers for 50¢ each. It's the best deal in town and they are so gorgeous. I just love the colors. Fresh flowers in the house do wonders for the soul.

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Judy Wise said...

The book is beautifully inspiring and your sketches are sooooo excellent. It looks like you are having a wonderful summer; full of learning and exploration. Good for you!!