Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reconnecting to Mother Earth

'Chicago Peace' roses bloom in a great bouquet in my garden. Their fragrance permeates the air as I go about garden maintenance. Morning watering and pruning start the day out right with the world.

The Edgefield Manor gardens in Troutdale, OR are amazing and it's fun to walk their vaired paths. Yesterday, Martha and I spent the day sketching these garden treasures sitting under the grape arbor.

The grape arbor frames sunflowers in the distance.

The old, red door and it's surrounding garden kept us sketching all morning.

What is it about sunflowers that speak to me this summer? I remember how they kept guard over the northside of my father's garden on Maple Avenue. They looked down with their grandeur on the corn stalks, tomatoes, pumpkins and cukes. We collected and roasted the seeds in fall. The fields of sunflowers in Southern France or in Justy's garden turn thier heads with the sun, an amazing sight. Nature journaling has reconnected me to Mother Earth and her bounty. She's grabbed my attention to see anew what I often take for granted.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paula,what a beautiful web/blog page you have. You are so creative, it is wonderful to see the results of your creative expressions. I'd love to hear about your Japan impressions sometime. Take Care! -Julie

Judy Wise said...

I want to take those roses in my arms and give them some love.